Thursday, 15 February 2018

Its been a while since i last posted. Last september i left MPC in london and became a freelancer. I have been working pretty much solidly and have not had much time to update this blog.  Im trying to limit myself with social media and concentrate on work and family life.

I thought id post a few character based works i did in the days between work projects. Its an area that i want to continue to develop and push myself in. In regards to figure drawing ive got to a point where i'm comfortable drawing short poses and now i want to push my figure drawings further in terms of pushing ideas.  Two good books im reading are 'Figure drawing for character design' by Mike Mattesi and 'Drawn to life' by Walt Stachfield. Both are trying to teach the importance of not copying the model but having fun pushing ideas with a figure drawing. These are skills necessary in character design. I find myself looking at alot of the old disney masters drawings to see now they have designed their characters. I look forward to posting some more explorations soon.

and here are a couple of figure drawings and sketchbook drawings