Sunday, 15 January 2017

life drawing 15th january

Here is 2 15 mins life drawings from this morning!

i did

5x2 mins
2x15 mins
1x20 mins
1x40 mins

my most successful life drawings are usually around 5 - 15 mins. Anything under 5 mins and i'm very hit or miss. My brain just doesn't process that fast yet. And with longer poses in life drawing..the more i render the worse it can look. Somewhere along the way if it isn't going well i have the habit of approaching it half hearted.

for the longer 40 mins pose i left the newsprint and used vine charcoal on a rougher tooth paper. I didn't quite nail it but i'm going to keep practicing the technique. I'm hoping to see some improvements with the technique this year. I also need to improve hands. I do practice them but i cant translate it to well drawn hands in a life class. It will come!


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