Sunday, 28 August 2016

figure drawing sat 27th Aug

I have started an extra life drawing session at my house. now i can get in 2 sessions per month. Here is the best of the session. about 45 mins long with a bit of touch up after.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

i made a small post about gesture on my St.Neots life drawing blog.

feel free to have a read

Saturday, 13 August 2016

st neots life drawing

Ive have not been on a life drawing class for about 2 months due to work and family commitments. although i  usually do a few hours a week from online material just to keep up the practice. But yes doing a life class and working from photo reference is two different types of practice.

 Ive been doing alot of personal study of late..looking at a broader range of styles including stylised cartoon and caricature im trying to educate myself and move away from the purely representation type of art. I work in the entertainment industry working within an art department for films and for my professional work to progress i need to experiment and find my own way.

Although Life drawing is still very important to me. So i want to make sure i get back to doing a couple of classes a month. So this is a result from the past week.. Still very much on that lovely plateau.  As always some good parts and some dodgy parts of the drawing. I have a habit of loosing concentration on some parts of the drawing. But its not a bad effort for 35 minutes.  I did take it home to soften some of my mid tones.

I think that some of the technique i use is quite interesting. Im inspired by the some of the mark making of J.C layendecker. I always loved his thick directional cross hatching. But i think the technique can hide bad drawing underneath so i need to make sure my blockings are more accurate.

As always.. Thankyou for looking.