Sunday, 19 February 2012


oil on canvas
 For my second oil portrait i have attempted a portrait of my fiancee so she better hang it up on her wall. haha!!!

Ive learnt alot on this one and have made alot of mistakes along the way but its better to make them now and not later

thanks for looking


  1. awesome job steve! the brush work in the hair and around the eyes is fun to look at! I got your message and ya maybe there is a little something in the bottom, i feel like it should have some hard edge of sorts or something? a little more of the sleeve? Great work though dude!

  2. feels very fresh and revitalising, if that's the best way to put it in words.

    I'm very glad to follow your works!

  3. thanks for the comments people. Rick - I look at it and i know its not quite there but im happy just to put it down,,move on and make improvements on the next. J.J - that is a good way of putting it..thanks

  4. Really like the way hair and background blend together
    Nice one dude